Weekly Angel Card Reading for February 23 through March 1.

Join me on my next live BlogTalk radio show on, ‘ Let’s ask the Angels’ March 7th Saturday 4pm EST http://www.blogtalkradio.com/letsasktheangels Call in for a reading at 424-675-6837. Also, on March 9th at 1pm EST join me with my special guest, Anna Taylor. http://www.anna-taylor.co.uk/     

Anna Taylor
Known as ‘The Angels’ Voice’, Anna Taylor is an international recording artist, singer-songwriter, ANGEL THERAPIST® certified by Doreen Virtue, Theta Healing Practitioner® , speaker and radio host.

Using her natural intuitive gifts, developed by years of training and experience, Anna connects with Divine love and guidance to support people with all aspects of life and often acts as a catalyst for transformation. She is a loving and compassionate woman with a remarkable ability to empathise and communicate and shares daily inspiration with almost 200,000 on her Facebook page.

Born eleven weeks premature and with Cerebral Palsy, learning to walk was a major challenge, and Anna took her first independent steps at the age of six. Although her formal education was interrupted first by surgery and physiotherapy, then by long-term illness, she completed her exams through home-tutoring and sheer determination, discovering at a young age that success is achieved with so much more than physical ability and defined by so much more than academic results.

Sound and song therapy played an integral part in Anna’s healing, and her innate love of singing inspired her to dream of recording her own CD. In 2009 this dream was realized when she travelled to California to record her debut albumAlready Here .

Already Here was released in 2010 and later became ‘CD of the month’ in Soul and Spirit magazine. Anna has since performed for audiences in England and the United States, and most recently at Doreen Virtue’s Angel Intuitive course in Zurich, Switzerland. She has also been featured on BBC Sussex Radio and several internet radio shows, including Hay House Radio. These experiences, along with her love of people, are brought together in her own radio show Anna and the Angels on Blogtalkradio where she treats her listeners to a unique blend of fun, wisdom and music.

This week I was guided to use the Flower Therapy Oracle Cards by Robert Reeves. http://www.robertreeves.com.au

Focus on the photograph of the flower for empowerment or from a live one.

For Monday and Tuesday we have a message from the Orchid, “Reach for the Stars. You deserve only the best, and this is all you should focus your attention on.” We are being guided to remember to focus only on what we desire and not what we don’t want.

The angels and the flower kingdom totally support us. We can achieve any goal we wish with the support of these loving energies. This is not a time to accept anything less than you envision. Also, you do not have to compromise your standards.

Don’t stop reaching for the stars, moving forward daily as you’ll see the results of your efforts very soon. With every action you take, each day you are moving closer to your goals. This is a time to muster up a little more effort rather than stopping. You can do this! Focus on the perfect outcome for all. This is the only thing you should be willing to accept. With angelic support and the flower kingdom you have the strength to carry on. Don’t give up!


For Wednesday and Thursday we have a message from the Protea,”Sign from Heaven. Your loved ones in spirit are waving hello and giving you reassurance that you’ll be all right.” This is a a beautiful message that you’re never alone! Your loved ones may have crossed over, but they are near you giving you support and guidance just as they did when they were living.

Following first message this week we have the support of our deceased loved ones to help us in the here and now. You may have physical sensations that they are near, trust these experiences. It may be a fragrance, a name you hear or a song that is a reminder of them. There’s no such thing as a coincidence. Each of these are signs from your loved ones letting you know they are okay.

If perhaps you are still mourning a loss, know that grief is natural. It’s also a lower emotion and it serves us best to heal. We are blessed and can cope better with the loss, knowing that the ones we miss are still with us in spirit. You can even ask them if you still want confirmation from your deceased loved ones. They will then bring you signs and messages so you’ll know for sure it’s them. Your angels are very close to you right now. It’s safe for you to express and release grief. We are supported both in this world and in the spirit world.



For Friday and the weekend we have a message from the Begonia flower, “Patience. Your prayers have been heard and they are being answered.” Our prayers have been heard and are being answered and supported by the angels and flower kingdom. Results are all coming in divine timing. If you do not receive what you had hoped for know that and even better outcome is being created for you.

Focus on the affirmation, “Everything happens in divine timing,” and be reassured that all is meant to be. This card may also mean that there people that are testing your patience. It may be important to set up boundaries. This healing flower helps you establish rules so that everyone benefits. You have an important life purpose to fulfill at this time and it’s important to focus your energy.

It’s time to release frustration, anger, and irritation; you’ll soon be calmer and more peaceful. Others are attracted to your beautiful energy.
This week we have the flower kingdom supporting us. The Orchid encourages us to not give up on our dreams. The Protea reminds us of the loving support we have form those who have crossed over. And, the Begonia reminds us that patience and peace is necessary as all is coming in divine timing. Flowers open the gateway for the presence of angelic energy. They are heaven’s best healers.
Angel light and love, Barbara

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