Weekly Angel Oracle Card Reading for June 2 through 8.

This week I am guided to use the Archangel Power Tarot deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.


For Monday and Tuesday we have the message from Archangel Raguel, “Justice: Fight for justice and equality. Rulings made in your favor. Don’t give up!”  Archangel Raguel is the angel to call upon whenever you find yourself in a challenging situation with someone else. He can soften the energy between two people (or even groups) so that a peaceful and harmonious resolution can be found. This message may be for those may be dealing with legal matters. The outcome will be fair for everyone involved. It can also include situations with groups or a person where communications need to be cleared up. If you need additional support ask Ragual. It also addresses balance that you may have been seeking in your relationships including healthy boundaries with people. Often when we expand our lives with new energy in work and projects we forget that we need to also address the balance of energy for grace and ease. Don’t give up on what you are committed to in your lives. It can all work!



For Wednesday and Thursday we have a message from Archangel Michael, “Two of Michael: It will be all better if you just make a decision! Overanalyzing a problem. Finding a compromise. “ This is a message about trusting yourself! Often when we are having difficulty choosing something it’s because we are hearing our ego (fear) debating with our intuition. You often already know what you want to do- so go ahead trust yourself and choose it – it’s a matter of acknowledging the fear and choosing any way. Over thinking can get us into even deeper into confusion. Archangel Michael is with us to give us courage, confidence, strength and protection. You can call upon him if you are feeling unsure, uncertain or even afraid. Also, we can easily suppress our true feelings and then even overcompensate with a lot of extra thoughts that leave us stressed and unsettled. Go ahead choose and get into action! Partner with your angels and you’ll be guided every step of the way.


For the Friday and the weekend we have a message from Archangel Gabriel. “ Seven of Gabriel: Stand up for what you believe in ! Have confidence.Claim your personal power.” This third message for the week ties in with the first two. Don’t give up, go ahead and make a decision, and claim your personal power! Archangel Gabriel, is the messenger angel, and  can assist us with our communications. Whether in our speaking or writings she can be your coach to have your messages be graceful and effortless. Often when we are conflicted it can be lessons that we need to face to spiritually learn and grow whether it is with our self or another including a group. Go ahead and own your power!
This week we are guided to call on Archangels Raguel, Michael and Gabriel for support. We are reminded not to give up as heavenly assistance is with us, trust yourself and take that action, stop overthinking and choose and claim your personal power! This week as we get into action with areas of our life we are reminded we don’t have to suffer and struggle. We have support and guidance every step of the way. Have fun and feel the wings of your loving angels s right by your side!
Have a blessed week! Barbara
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