Weekly Angel Oracle Card Reading for February 17 through 23.

This week I am guided to use the Flower Therapy Oracle Cards Deck by Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves. Here is a link to my most recent show where you can listen to this reading and more.


For Monday and Tuesday, We have the message. You are a spiritual teacher from the flower, Crocus. ‘Share your wisdom with others. You were born to teach.’

Whether you are working with a crowd of hundreds or speaking to one person, know that you make a difference! Your sharing, message, knowledge and wisdom is unique to you. No one is like you and your energy and gifts are needed in this world. If fear has been getting in your way use the flower, crocus to uplift you and release any fears. I love this flower as we look forward to spring here in the northeast USA it is one of the first flowers to bloom. This is a reminder of the change from darkness to light, winter to spring  and is heralded by it’s tiny expression of color and energy. The crocus bloom sparks bright colors and reminds us of the power and cycles of nature. Your unique light that you allow to shine does she same thing. Now is the time to embrace this power we have!

For Wednesday and Thursday we have the flower, Daisy and the message,’ Simplify your life. You’ve had so much going on that you’re spread too thin. This has to change now so your vitality can recharge.’

From the start of the year we may have bolted forth with so many ideas and projects to accomplish. 2014 is filled with empowering energy!  Here we are reminded that by utilizing the flower, daisy, we can breathe and relax. Choose one project at a time and you will be more effective and clearer to what needs to happen. Bring balance in your life by not overworking. Allow time for hobbies, exercise and relaxation. This also will rejuvenate, restore and allow you to open up more creativity. This message is also about seeing what things in your life you may want to release as they truly may no longer serve you. Daisy can help with this!

For Friday, Saturday and Sunday we have the flower, Carnation, with the message, Trust. ‘You can trust the people around you. They are earth angels sent to give you the guidance you seek.’

There are new people, Earth Angels that in your life and they are your answered prayers. You can know that they are honest and trustworthy. As you have cleared the way for new people to enter your life…they are arriving. Your intuition or  inner lie detectors will also be heightened at this time. Therefore you will easily discern who is right for you both personally and professionally. The peace that comes from inhaling the beautiful aroma of carnation brings about a feeling of great joy and contentment.
This is a week of acknowledging our gifts and sharing them to the world. It’s about bringing balance and simplicity to our lives and welcoming the beautiful new energy and people in!

Upcoming Events!

March 2014 :
March 11 Angel Circle
Join me for angel card readings, a guided meditation and powerful energy balancing with Archangel Michael.
Tuesday 7-9pm at Balance Arts Center 34 W 28 Street NYC 10001
$20 suggested fee. RSVP bcalvano-coaching@usa.net
March 18 Goddess Workshop.
I will give Goddess guidance oracle card readings. We will call upon the energies of Isis, Mary, Brigit and Kuan Yin to see what guidance they have for us. We will learn how to work with these goddess energies in our daily lives.
7-9pm Balance Arts Center 34 Wst 28th Street NYC 10001
$44. Includes a Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards Deck by Doreen Virtue.
RSVP bcalvano-coaching@usa.net
March 30 Sunday at Tarrytown Awaken Fair http://www.awakenfair.com
10 am to 5pm doing 15 & 30 minute readings. Join me where there will be a variety of vendors, speakers and exhibiters all supporting our mind, body and spirit.

I am available for personal readings, talks, angel parties, workshops and mini angel reading events!

Have a wonderful week!
Angel Light and Blessings! Barbara
Join me at my new Youtube Channel where I will be posting videos.
Barbara Calvano

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